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Feb 29, 2012
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Landry Fields brings the Knicks smiles with his take on Bruno Mars

Landry Fields: Chemist, Secret, master of Amare Stoudemire impressions.

Two things: 1.) I’m convinced Landry Fields is actually Drake and 2.) Do the Knicks always coordinate their outfits like they’re in a Ciroc ad? They look like the nerdy version of A$AP Mob

I love Landry. So. Much.


Feb 25, 2012
@ 3:18 am
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late night points

- it’s All Star Weekend! It would have been more entertaining if Iman Shumpert hadn’t gotten injured (he was planning to dunk over Jeremy Lin’s fucking couch!). Still, I’m super excited. All Star Weekend, pointless as it may be, is one of the few things the NBA pulls off well.

- Speaking of, it’s February 25. As in, 4 more days until March (leap year!!). So how about March Madness? I don’t claim to know much about college basketball, but Pac-12 basketball is kind of a joke this year. “Conference of Champions” my ass, the league has sank to an all new low. Look at UCLA! Basketball powerhouse, ha! THAT SAID, (and this is very important), California has been phenomenal this season, and the fact that Cal is in a weak conference shouldn’t be enough reason to dismiss all that the team has accomplished these past couple of months. Cal is first in the Pac-12, and I know I will forever hate myself for not having bought season tickets. I don’t know if I want to take the time to delve into bracketology this year - but even if I did, how could I possibly remain neutral? How could I have the heart to kick California out at any point in the tournament? Go Bears! 

- I ditched three classes today (essentially, the only class I went to was the one I had a midterm for). This is bad because I’m missing class for Davis next week, too. I’m not doing well enough in any of those subjects to entitle myself to reckless ditching…. but it’s been a long week. It’s ok. I forgive myself.

- For the record, I didn’t go see Nosaj Thing tonight (15 minute walk? too far…), so I’ve forsaken all hipster bragging rights (should he become famous one day). BUT.. we ended up having a 3-hour late night rap/jam session, which was infinitely more fun. So it’s all good.

- One word: Yo!

it’s 3:18 am, good night.


Dec 31, 2011
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Dec 26, 2011
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Metta World Peace 


Metta World Peace